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Feb 14

Steve James Workshops and Private Lessons at Blind Lemon’s In March 2011

10-03-06 (2) Amigos a Blind Lemon's

Note: Steve James and I will be doing this workshop again next year, on the 5th through 9th of March, 2012.  What a great time to be in Maya Land for the year of the expiration of the Mayan Calender.  I mean, if the world ends on Dec 21, 2012, at least you will have …

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Nov 01

Well, dang, a post about the blues!

Well, it seems like I’ve written about everything except the blues here.  I guess I’m just on about Blind Willie McTell right now.  He seems like one of the most courageous beings in our American History.  Can you imagine being black and blind in the 1930’s, in Georgia, the American South, and stepping out of your …

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