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Dec 25

A Christmas Day Poem

Yes, another goofy update, Guate style, on the timeless, tired Classic. Of course I don’t remember this, but family history has it that my father worked with me to memorize this nugget when I was three or four years old and set me up to recite it before the extended family after Christmas dinner at …

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Oct 21

Lessons on attachment, exactly like “pulling teeth”


I just had a molar extracted this week and I think that it’s about the best thing that I’ve done in years.  This tooth had been molesting me for years, or maybe longer.  I don’t know why I wanted to hold on so long but it’s been a great lesson for me.  I was planning …

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Sep 30

Rainy Season in Guatemala. Lake Rising….Mountain Falling

The (provisional) main dock in San gets redone about once a week now.

The (provisional) main dock in San Marcos….it gets redone about once a week now. If you’re a hard core Christian, maybe you believe that the earth is only 5,000 years old, but if you’re more prone to the scientific view, you probably think that it’s had a lot more birthdays than that.  You know how …

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Sep 22

In Search of Balance

fat eating junk

Balance, metaphysically speaking, denotes a desirable point between one or more opposing forces.   And with respect to food consumption and nutrition, I’d certainly like to know where this point is, and maybe go have a look to see what we’re shooting for, if we’re even shooting for it.  It seems like, wherever I am in …

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Sep 06

Antonio’s Blues

Well, here we go!  I guess we’re gonna talk about the blues, playing the blues, singing the blues, the why, what for and the where for of the blues.  This is a subject that’s pretty wide and pretty long.  And hopefully it all ends up in a song, but it never starts out very musical. …

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