May 21

Blues Guys (and some other people) Need Hats

So with that bland generalized title in mind, I have to tell you about the Bollman Hat Company Outlet.  Now, I was born in Reading and have been coming here to visit my Funk grandparents since I was a little tyker wearing my newsboy caps, and maybe even a similar earlier seersucker tight fitting small brim number.  So it’s no surprise to me to find an outlet store in Reading. Their heyday may be past, but there are still a ton of them here, principally the Vanity Fair Outlet which sells Lee’s and Wrangler’s jeans and a whole load of other apparel.

Call to check the hours, especially on Tuesday.

But the Bollman Hat Company Outlet, in Adamstown needs some special mention.  If you’re a hat kind of person, this place is going to blow (boll) you away.  Bollman makes hats for Bailey of Hollywood and a whole bunch of other brands, and sends a nice stock over to their outlet store to let Trish and Rod sell them to you at “unbelievable prices”, to quote the brochure.  I’m gonna have to second that emotion.  My friend, Mark, walked out of there the other day with 4 stylish hip spring and summer weight fedora type hats for $35.  And we shucked and jived with Trish for 45 minutes which was great entertainment at no extra cost.  She’s great at giving her opinion, which is headwear experienced and right on.  “If you don’t think you’d wear it, don’t buy it”, she told me when I stuck a Kangol mesh driving sport cap on.  Ah, maybe if I had one of those Mercedes convertibles.  “No, that brim is too stingy for you!”  And so it went… Try ‘em all on.  The place is a gas!

Trish told me that Rod suffered a heart attack but is recovering and should be back in action at the store within a month or so. She says that he’s a blues/jazz pianist that has played extensively in the Reading area.

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