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Steve James Workshops and Private Lessons at Blind Lemon’s In March 2011

Note: Steve James and I will be doing this workshop again next year, on the 5th through 9th of March, 2012.  What a great time to be in Maya Land for the year of the expiration of the Mayan Calender.  I mean, if the world ends on Dec 21, 2012, at least you will have done some of that work on your guitar playing that you’ve always wanted to do!  We are limiting this workshop to Seven Serious Students to make it as personal and effective as possible.  We’ll pick you up at the airport, get you to your hotel in San Marcos, and take care of most of the food and other details.  I am working on a short film about this opportunity that will be posted here and on Steve’s website shortly.

Well, here’s the info on Steve’s workshops here this year.  This is something that we want to do annually and we’re starting out this year.  Steve will be giving workshops and private lessons on Monday, March 7th through Thursday, March 10th.  He’s got a concert in Santiago on Friday the 11th, and here at Blind Lemon’s on Saturday the 12th.  If anyone wants to stay longer and get into more detail with me on the beginning to intermediate level, I can arrange that for the following week.

Gettin' into the details

We’re a little sketchy on the lodging details, but if you would contact me and let me know your needs, I am sure that I can arrange something.  I believe that this “starting out sketchiness” is going to translate into some real personal attention and a very special experience.  Steve sure put my trains on the track when I met him at the Swananoa Gathering’s first Blues Week in 1994.  His teaching style and abilities are unmatched for getting your solo acoustic blues style up and running.  And as I noticed this week again, with an hour session that I had with a friend, Woody, showing me some of the basics of video editing on Abode Premiere Pro, a little professional instruction can eliminate countless hours of wasted time and direct your practice time much more efficiently towards your goals.

Hanging out at Blind Lemon's.

And there’s one more thing.  There’s just something about hanging out with a master.  Something just passes between the master and the student that cannot be easily defined but is undeniable and real.  I noticed this in my playing and presentation after Steve was here last year….everything went up several notches.  Yeah, he showed me some very cool and applicable guitar techniques, but that’s not what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about information that is being communicated and passed on unspoken level.

So here are Steve’s descriptions of his offerings.  All this will be flexibly applied to meet individual needs.

WORKSHOPS  (2 hrs.  $25 per participant.  Basic to intermediate level instruction)
Blues/Roots Fingerstyle Guitar…tunes and techniques for the guitarist who likes country blues and bluesy country.
Bottleneck Slide Guitar…basic chord shapes and hot licks in open tunings, along with demonstrations of the “touch” that makes slide guitar sound so good.
Blues Mandolin….runs, chords and repertoire for the mandolinist who would like a bluesier sound.
Individual private lessons on the above themes also available. (1 hr. $25) March 5th through 12th.  Sponsored by Blind Lemon’s, San Marcos LL.
STEVE JAMES, based in Austin, Texas, has an international reputation as a performer, recording artist, writer and teacher with decades of experience presenting original and classic acoustic roots music.  For more info:  Contact Carlos Funk at carlosfunk@blindlemons.com or call (502)55024450

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