Dec 25

A Christmas Day Poem

Yes, another goofy update, Guate style, on the timeless, tired Classic. Of course I don’t remember this, but family history has it that my father worked with me to memorize this nugget

Look out Santa! It's dangerous up there!

when I was three or four years old and set me up to recite it before the extended family after Christmas dinner at the Grandparent’s house. They probably thought, oh, how cute and smart, he’s gonna be a lawyer like his daddy. There was little chance that they’d thought that I’d be a laid back (I was gonna say lazy-assed, but that’s not strictly true) expat acoustic bluesman, living somewhere in Central America. They’d have never thought Guatemala….that word had not formed in that climate yet.

So I woke up this morning (yes it’s Christmas…..but don’t you notice how blues guys over use this introduction….we just can’t help it) and this poem pretty much dropped into my head. It must be some sort of time sensitive memory continuum that got triggered. Oh well, here it is. I’m not trying to compete with Yeats or Gregory or anybody here.

The Day of Christmas

Twas the Day of Christmas,
and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring,
not even a mouse. (they were probably all killed the night before)

But the night before Christmas,
was a whole different case,
with bombs and fireworks,
exploding all over the place.

As Santa flew over,
He was totally is shock,
Thinking this was Bagdad, Fellugha,
or some other stop.

The candidates for mayor were the ones principally at play,
Looking to out-do each other to gain another four year stay.

The winner of course, was ex-mayor Salvador,

Who could throw more fireworks,

Because he’d been there before.

Using the money he stole,
during his previous years,
he could buy tons of Chinese bombs,
without going into arrears.

And having the volume on his stereo,
turned up all the way,
he’d been buying future votes,
giving maize away all day.

The shame of it all,
is the people don’t know,
that they’re selling their future,
to some clowns that have stolen their dough.

But the candidates here can surely see,
that being mayor of San Marcos,
is their ticket to prosperity.

So poverty continues and ignorance reigns,
with only a select few making big gains.

But I guess it’s the worldly way that the poor and the ignorant always take the hit,
In the end what Jesus wanted doesn’t count for shit.

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