Sep 06

Ecuadorian ExPats remember the day….

This from my friend Rudra/Gary via his View From the Roof post. Remembering back in the day, here in San Marcos.  He writes…….

This View from the Roof is a little out of the ordinary. I’m not a great music aficionado, but I do like the blues of a certain flavor. And my favorite flavor comes from a very good friend of mine, Carlos Funk, originally of Black Mountain, N. C., now living in San Marcos, Guatemala.

Cotacachi is the musical capital of Ecuador and we’ve heard some pretty great music here. I’m even getting into the musical vibe here by taking up the harmonica.

The other night I got a You Tube video from an old blues-playin’ amigo of mine. Memories of great music came flooding back to me. Nights of wailing blues and harmonica riffs, good companionship and life at its best.

Catarina y Carlos

I’m talkin’ about laid-back livin’ that flows without effort. In the same way that music flows from Carlos in finger-to-fret communion . All reasons why I love to travel and why I’ll never stop exploring the world.

Linda and I first met Carlos back in 2001. We had been teaching a meditation teacher training course on Zipolite Beach in Oaxaca, Mexico with about 15 Mexicans and half a dozen Americans and European students.

Read the rest….and all the juicy comments from some of the most intelligent folks on the planet HERE

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